Welcome to my blog

This is a blog for the purpose of documenting our homesteading, art making, DIY, and general human experience. I will be sharing articles, poems, and stories. Here is the first poem which will be appearing in my upcoming book.


They will grow


Why do I feel so much smaller

And softer 

But stronger?

I’ve sifted

Husks out

I was a dry corn husk doll

I’ve stopped apologizing 

To the oppressor

I woke up from the grave site

Walked out of the cave

I am the finder

Sharp eyes, it’s unseen

Treasure glinting in the meadow

Glass washed up smooth

By the sea

Steel rust pocked landing 

Waiting to be hammered out

Bricks of my birthright

I leave stacked against the shore

Among the driftwood

We will need something 

To keep the tide 

To keep the tide 

From overcoming us 

The salt spirals swirling 

Past my nose

What I build is more than me

I won’t ever forget that day

In the grocery store

You saved me 

By handing me a packet

Of orange poppy seeds

Green beans

Because if you plant the seeds

They will grow.